Fixing common errors in Microsoft Store app submissions

June 24, 2021 PWA Builder documentation

This guide describes how to fix errors you may receive when uploading your PWA app package.

Be aware most of these issues are due to using the incorrect publisher information. Get the correct publisher info.

“Invalid package publisher name”

The invalid publisher ID warning

This error indicates that you need to rebuild your PWA app package with the correct publisher. How can I find my publisher ID?

“Invalid package identity name” / “Invalid package family name”

The invalid package ID warning

These two combined errors, Invalid package identity name and Invalid package family name, can be fixed by rebuilding your PWA app package on PWABuilder with the correct package ID.

In the above error message, the expected package ID is 42541MyCompany.MyAwesomePwa - go to PWABuilder and rebuild your package with the correct package ID:

“This package’s manifest uses a display name that you have not reserved”

The display name not reserved warning

This means the app name you used when generating your app package on PWABuilder doesn’t match the app name reserved in Partner Center.

The app name in Partner Center…

The app name in partner center

…must match the app name you used on PWABuilder:

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