Next steps for getting your PWA into the Microsoft Store

June 24, 2021 PWA Builder documentation

You’ve successfully generated a Microsoft Store app package for your PWA. 😎

Your next steps:

  1. Test your app: run install.ps1 to install your app on your Windows machine.
  2. Submit your app packages to the Microsoft Store: upload the .appxbundle and .msixbundle files to the Microsoft Store.

Each step is explained below.

1. Test your app on your Windows machine

Your zip file contains install.ps1. This is a PowerShell script that installs your app and lets you test it before submitting to the Store.

Right-click install.ps1 and choose Run with PowerShell.

💁‍♂️ Heads up:

If you get an error saying, “install.ps1 cannot be loaded because running scripts is disabled on this system”, you can fix this by opening PowerShell as Administrator, then entering the command Set-ExecutionPolicy bypass Once completed, you’ll be able to run install.ps1.

The install script will install and launch your PWA app. Once complete, you’ll find your app in the Start Menu.

2. Submit your app packages to the Microsoft Store

Your zip file contains 2 app packages:

  • {app name}.msixbundle - the main app package
  • {app name}.classic.appxbundle - app package that allows users on older versions of Windows (below 10.0.19041, May 2020 Update) to run your app. See our classic app package explainer for details.

Both packages can be submitted directly to the Microsoft Store through the Windows Partner Center

When you’re ready to publish to the Store, you can either

Once you submit your app, it will be reviewed. Once approved – typically within 24 hours – your PWA will be available in the Microsoft Store and accessible to ~1 billion Windows users worldwide. 😎

Recommended images for Windows

To help make your PWA shine on Windows, check out our Windows app images explainer for details about what image sizes you should include in your web app manifest for the best experience on Windows.

Promote your app with a “Get this app in the Microsoft Store” badge

Once you’ve published your app in the Store, help your users find it. Go to the app badges site and generate a “Get this app on the Microsoft Store” badge and add the badge to your site.

The badge allows users on Windows to install your app with a single click.

Need more help?

If you’re having trouble with your app store submission, be sure to read fixing package errors.

If you’re still hitting issues, we’re here to help. You can open an issue and we’ll help walk you through

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